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Inspired and taste-tested by Brooklyn, the 16 year old pup I was lucky enough to adopt a few years ago. Dog treats that mix wholesome ingredients such as fruits, vegetables, healthy grains, and herbs to taste great while also promoting health. We are constantly experimenting with flavors and recipes, so if you have a question, suggestion, or need a customized order, please reach out!

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About Brookie's Doggy Cookies

Our History

When I met Brooklyn at a local shelter in 2017, I knew I had to adopt her. She was a fourteen year old pit bull, with arthritis and anxiety issues and she has brightened up my life and countless others' since she's made her home with me. I wanted to create tasty and healthy treats to help keep her weight down, while also incorporating homeopathic ways to help with her arthritis, stomach issues, and stress. She tests each and every batch of treats made, and we can't wait for your pup to decide on his or her favorite too!


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